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About Driving Simulators

About Racing Simulators || Gran Turismo || Forza || Force Feedback Racing Wheels || Racing Chairs || Playstation 3 || XBOX 360

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Meet Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo Creator:

The force feedback steering wheel is what takes the modern driving game into the realm of professional simulator. These racing wheels are built with quality components and are able to stand up to years of hard use. While there are a number of brands and models available, it's tough to beat the Logitech wheels and this latest version, the G27, is really something special. As you'll see in the video, these wheels are made in conjunction with the software. Make no mistake though, it's a quality experience at all levels of Logitech's feedback wheel line.

Just like in great film, driving simulation is linked to suspension of disbelief. Once your heart and mind are convinced, you simply forget it's not real. With a feedback wheel, that transition happens immediately. Your heart will race, your grip will tighten, and you will find yourself pushing your limits of skill and concentration with every turn. You may have thought you could never learn how to shave a 10th of a second off your best Lap at Infineon Raceway, drift a muscle car around San Francisco like a stuntman or whip a Lamborghini around an Italian cobblestone hairpin with the tail hanging out but now you can - and you can do it in your home arcade.

If you are looking for a little insight on how to build your racing simulator system, you can simply start at the top: pick yourself up a brand new Logitech wheel, a PS 3 and Gran Turismo 5. Plug it all into your existing entertainment center and the only thing you'll have to add is a stand or racing chair to hold your wheel, pedals and shifter. For the complete arcade experience, select a racing chair that also has a mount for a flat panel TV and it's own sound system. Go ahead and add a second system for competition racing with friends and family.

Driving enthusiasts on a budget can build a system around the PS2, Grand Turismo 4 and a Logitech Driving Force Pro or something similar. While not the current generation, it's still a modern high performance rig and the experience is sincerely entertaining. The savings are significant as well.
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